Water Quality

A collection of data and observations from Popponesset Beach’s Water quality study that began in 2019. Numeric this study has been collected in collected in collaboration with the Center of Coastal Studies with map data and drone videos provided by Popponesset residents and volunteers.

Study information

Water Quality Data

Popponesset Beach water nutrient and chlorphyll concentration data from August 2019 to the present

Drift Algae Map

Drift algae sightings and photos from 2018 to the present

Drone videos

Drone videos illustrating the Popponesset drift algae showcasing the Popponesset drift algae blooms during different times of the year.

Since 2019, a comprehensive water quality study has been taking place at Popponesset Beach by citizen scientists in collaboration with the Center of Coastal Studies and the Buzzards Bay Coallition. The purpose of this study is to determine if nutrient impairment in our coastal waters combined with erosion-prevention measures is contributing to drift algae blooms occuring in the beach waters.

Have an algae sighting? Contact us below or send us a picture.

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