Water testing and sample preparation is conducted by Nicole Corbett, Environmental Science M.S. along with occasional volunteers. Sample laboratory analysis is conducted by Amy Costa, Ph.D and her team at the Center for Coastal Studies and Provincetown.

Gather Samples

Gather samples from 3 test sites

Samples are collected from several test sites using 34 oz Nalgene Bottles. Water is collected 3 feet below the surface approximately 15 feet offshore. Temperature and salinity measurements are also taken during this time using a YSI Multiparameter Water Quality Instrument.

Prepare Samples

Prepare and freeze samples to be analyzed

To prepare samples to be tested for Total Dissolved Nitrogen and Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen, water is filtered using a 100 mL syringe and micron filter into whirl paks.

Water is then filtered through a glass fiber membrane disc filter where algae and other suspended particles are collected. These filters are analyzed by the Center for Coastal Studies for chlorophyll and pheophytin, chemical compounds that aid in photosynthesis.

Dissolved Oxygen levels are calculated on-site using a LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen test kit

The remaining sample water is stored in 125 mL and 250 mL Nalgene sample bottles respectively.

Whirl paks, membrane disc filters, and sample bottles are frozen until they are collected by the Center of Coastal Studies.

Center for Coastal Studies Analysis

Samples collected and sent to the Center for Coastal Studies for analysis.


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